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RIGID FRAME team of engineers and designers has the technical expertise, experience and ingenuity to design any structures in wood, engineered wood, structural steel, lightweight steel framing, masonry and/or concrete.

Our team inspects, evaluates and analyses any residential, commercial and industrial structures. We provide inspection reports based on the Building Code and best engineering practices.

What we Do

  • We inspect, analyse and design structures for residential, commercial and industrial projects, such as:

– Custom home

– Addition/extension

– Renovation and retrofitting

– Load-bearing wall removal

– Underpinning

– Basement walkout

– Garage and outdoor structures

– Low-rise building

– Retaining wall

– Shoring wall

– Steel deck/mezzanine, fire escape

– Addition of Roof Top Unit (RTU) on existing roof

  • We design structures and develop comprehensive drawings to obtain the Building Permit drawings.
  • We provide advice and guidance to you and the contractor during the construction to ensure a safe and sound construction.
  • We prepare inspection reports and sign-off letters based on the Building Code and best engineering practices.


Creating an open space concept by removing walls.

RIGID FRAME structural engineers will identify if the wall to be removed is a load-bearing wall, design a structure to replace the wall and keep your house structurally safe and sound.

Shoring Wall & retaining wall

Building a shoring wall to retain the soil while excavating. This is frequent when building in the city.

RIGID FRAME structural engineers will design a shoring wall to ensure the safety of the workers, excavation and the adjacent buildings or structures.

We also design retaining walls with reinforced concrete for when the wall retaining the soil should be permanent.


Creating a livable space in the basement by underpinning the foundation walls.

Our team will design the underpinning based on the type of foundation wall and soil bearing capacity encountered. The underpinning is done in sequence to ensure the stability of the home during and after the construction.

RIGID FRAME designer will specify the required waterproofing and drainage to ensure that the basement remain dry and moisture-free.

Inspection & Engineering EVALUATION

Our structural engineers inspect and evaluate any new and existing structures. We provide inspection reports and sign-off letters based on the Building Code and best engineering practices.

We also work closely with contractors to conduct site visit inspections and certify completed stages of work.

RIGID FRAME objective is to ensure a safe construction satisfying the Building Code while maintaining a high quality of work.

lightweight steel frame for commercial structure

Building an office space, clinic, restaurant or warehouse.

RIGID FRAME structural engineers and designers will provide structural solutions for your project. Our design solutions are based on functionality, safety and quality.


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